A new start

I decided to start blogging again and I am determined this time to blog at a regular basis. As previously, I am going to publish periodically a list of articles, podcasts, videos and presentations that I read/listened/watched related to software development which I found interesting and informative. In this first post I am going to mention a number of resources that I wish I had come across when they were originally published, but again better never than late…

  • If broken it is, fix it you should“, Tess Ferrandez’s  blog. If you wished to master the art of debugging in .NET then you are lucky because there exists a blog that will make your dream come true. Tess Ferrandez from Microsoft does not write about debugging any more but for more than 6 years she demystified the black art of debugging. So if you were not following her blog at that time being, it’s not too late. Start reading now however because there is a ton of information there.
  • “Fabulous adventures in coding”, Eric Lippert’s blog. Have you wandered the landscape of functional programming and came across the all famous Monad word?  Have you tried to understand what all those Haskel guys talk about but every time you ended up more confused? Eric Lippert wrote a fantastic 13-series post a while ago about Monads in the context of .NET which is the best explanation of Monads I have ever read http://ericlippert.com/2013/02/21/monads-part-one/
  • If you work with C# and you were not following the blog of the Parallel Team at Microsoft then you have to start now because there is a treasure of knowledge hidden there.
  • The ones that work with Reactive Extensions are familiar with the name Bart De Smet. Unfortunately I was not aware of his blog and I now try really hard το assimilate all this knowledge available at http://community.bartdesmet.net/blogs/bart/default.aspx
  • Probably you already know about this but I really wish I had discovered Pluralsight earlier.
  • Java Concurrency in Practice, by Brian Goetz. One of the the best books on concurrent programming even if you do not work with Java.
  • F# for fun and profit, The best online resource about F# and functional programming in general.
  • Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C#, by Robert C. Martin, Micah Martin. You won’t find toy examples here, design patterns in the real world.

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